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June 29, 2010


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Will Barack Obama listen to anybody or just step-up his careless disregard for constitutional values and ride roughshod over anyone who dares point to his narcissistic juggernaut? His behavior long ago ceased being childlike or that which could be laid to simply a lack of experience in any kind of real world. Anymore, it has all taken on the smell of outright lawlessness.

In early June, there sat the President of the United States and the Governor of one of those states in the Oval Office discussing border security or lack of it. Obama committed himself to send 1200 National Guard paper-pushers to Arizona to free-up more Border Patrol agents to actually patrol the border.  Obama also pledged to spend $500-million on additional –but unspecified- border security. So far, this is it:

U.S. Bureau of Land Management signs placed along Interstate 8 stretching from Casa Grande to Gila Bend, warning of likely encounters with armed criminals.

Keep in mind, this is 80 miles from the Mexico border inside the sovereign state of Arizona and represents an area of approximately 640 square miles which is now apparently under the control of an army of foreigners. These signs fly directly into the face of Team Obama’s ludicrous propaganda lines that crime is down at the border and that the border has never been safer. If this area is a lot safer now than ever before then why is it off limits to U.S. citizens?  And if all this isn’t enough to make every American hot under the collar the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency reports that the 3,500 acre Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in the same area of Arizona is closed to U.S. citizens as well because it is “adversely affected by drug cartel operations.”

Once infrequent, cross border incursions into Arizona by cartel soldiers outfitted in Mexican Army uniforms and driving Humvees upon which are mounted .50-cal. automatic weapons are now routine, all in support of a sophisticated web-like map of smuggling trails. Pinal County Sheriff Paul  Babeu says his patrol deputies, like lone Border Patrol officers, are no match for this kind of firepower. One deputy has already been shot in a confrontation with sheer military might in this area of Arizona under the control of no-one but Mexican thugs.

Writing for Human Events, Roger Hedgecock  cites civilian pilots whose aerial photographs show cartel bulldozers “improving dirt roads across the undefended border…to facilitate the nightly drug runs.”

 Says Hedgecock, “Obama’s sophomoric political appeals for comprehensive immigration reform are either ignorant of the facts of life along this border or a deliberate attempt to surrender to the cartels. It ain’t about lettuce pickers’ rights.”

Rather than act to protect, Obama chooses to warn our own citizens through signage even as his administration identifies important natural recreational destinations in Arizona as dangerous while refusing to act to secure our international border in a sustainable fashion. And all of this against a backdrop of Washington whispers that tell of an administration that’s working on some kind of backdoor amnesty  bill  to grant instant citizenship to the hordes who have entered this country illegally.   Anymore, this would not be atypical for this President  who seems to relish in doubling down against overwhelming unfavorable public opinion on a any given matter. 

Look at his reaction to the ruling against his six-month moratorium on oil and natural gas drilling in offshore waters. Skipping no beat, Obama not only promised a quick appeal of the judge’s ruling but also the issuance of a brand new drilling moratorium.  In other words, forge ahead with the very policy a federal judge had just held unconstitutional. It’s the “try to stop me bullying posture” that inspired critical editorial comment by The Washington Examiner: “This response is the latest evidence of a disconcerting pattern with this president and his cronies in the executive branch and Congress: Their ‘progressive’ ideological agenda comes first; everything else, including the will of the people and the letter of the law, as at most an obstacle on the road to ‘change we can believe in.’

 The paper pointed to “large and growing majorities opposed Obamacare in public opinion survey after survey, yet Obama and his allies wrote the bill behind closed doors, made multiple corrupt bargains to gain votes, and passed it anyway. Think about it. When General Motors bondholders opposed Obama’s takeover, he flouted age-old bankruptcy law while effectively nationalizing the company and handing it over to the United Auto Workers union. When Auto executives expressed concern about his costly increase in fuel economy standards, his chief environmental adviser warned them not to write anything down about their discussion. The list goes on: When public worries about excessive federal spending began being heard on Capitol Hill, Obama appointed a rubber-stamping fiscal commission and nodded approval as congressional Democrats set aside the law that since 1974 has required Congress to approve an annual budget. When the Senate refused to vote on his cap-and-trade energy bill, his Environmental Protection Agency administrator issued a threat: Either pass the bill or the agency will unilaterally impose draconian carbon emission limits on the country.”

Harold Hurtt

And to top it all off this week the Obama bunch appointed an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officials on the issue. He is Harold Hurtt, the fired police chief in Houston who has been tapped to be director for Immigration and customs Enforcement’s office of state and local coordination.  La Raza now has their man running the country’s  (non-)enforcement. How can you head up an office if you don’t believe in what the office is supposed to do? Critics say Hurrt’s pro-immigration policies enabled illegal aliens to kill two police officers and seriously injure another in Phoenix before he left there in 2005 and to kill an officer in Houston before he was removed from office in 2009.

The illegal alien who killed the Houston officer had already been deported once, had returned and then been arrested at least three times before he shot and killed the officer who knew none of the alien’s past because Houston’s sanctuary city status had enabled the gunman to stay “at large” in this country.  The cop’s widow says she is shocked Hurtt has been given his new top ICE job.  We are too. Shocked but not surprised.

As the Examiner so aptly put it the other day: Years ago, Alexander Hamilton told the New York convention considering the adoption of the Constitution that “here, sir, the people govern.” We wonder what he would say today after witnessing Obama in action.





June 3, 2010


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In 1994, a Yuma, Arizona  television crew documented information obtained from Border Patrol sources which alerted the station to an increasing number of pregnant Mexican women crossing through the U.S. Port of Entry in San Luis, Arizona only to call for an ambulance to take them the Yuma Regional Medical Center 25 miles away where they would deliver their child.  At that moment, the child became a citizen of the United States and the mother, eligible for Yuma County and U.S. welfare services.

 There is a growing number of people in this country who argue this is just “flat out wrong,” as they might say in my native Louisiana.

 Add my voice to the chorus. It’s difficult for this country boy to imagine a more self-defeating system of laws than what we have. On the one hand our laws make unauthorized entry into this country a criminal offense while the 142-year-old 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides what is arguably the greatest of all inducements to illegal entry.

 The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 as a means of guaranteeing citizenship for freed slaves.  It says, “all persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” So, when did non-citizens and illegal immigrants become “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States?  The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) points out that not even the children of foreign diplomats born here are not U.S. citizens.

 A proposal to deny automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens is before Congress but –surprise- has not been called up for a vote.  So, again, Arizona takes the point on this like it did with SB 1070.

 Mesa state senator Russell Pearce and his backers are drawing up state legislation that would halt the issuance of birth certificates to any children born here to non-citizen parents. Judging from the in-state and national polls showing a one-sided majority of citizens in support of his SB 1070, his latest proposal is likely to have widespread support here as well as throughout the country.

Arizona Senator Russell Pearce

A veteran of 30 years of law enforcement experience (he is former Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Department as well as Director of the AZ Motor Vehicle Division), Pearce’s tough stance could very well be rooted in his own personal history. As a cop he was shot in the chest and hand by a gang member.  More recently, his son, also a sheriff’s deputy, was severely wounded by a criminal who happened to be an illegal alien.

Pearce is a devout  Mormon who says he believes in the rule of law.  As he, himself, put it in a recent National Public Radio interview, “I will not back off until we solve the problem of this illegal invasion. Invaders, that’s what they are. Invaders of the American sovereignty and it can’t be tolerated.”

 As NPR noted, he spoke from his office decorated with awards, keepsakes and photos of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne whom he knew and whose ranch in northern Arizona he often visited.


 If you use any national poll’s results as a guage, Mr. Pearce has a lot of support across the country not only for his SB 1070 law which becomes effective on July 29th but also for his position with respect to “anchor babies.”

 The latest sampling of national public opinion was published by Rasmussen Reports today, June 3rd,  which found 58% of U.S. voters saying a child born to an illegal alien in this country should not automatically become a citizen.  The same poll reveals –not surprisingly- that most Americans do not believe Mexico wants to stop the illegal flow of its citizens into the United States and further, that Mexico should be asked to compensate U.S. taxpayers for costs incurred by illegal immigration.

 Rasmussen says among voters angry about immigration, 83% are mad at the federal government. They continue to say, according to today’s polling results, that gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the stus of illegal aliens already here. In fact, reports Rasmussen, 67% now say military troops should be sent to the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration.

 As for Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law, 58% of voters nationwide favor passage of a law like Arizona’s in their own state.  Somebody might want to tell that to people like California Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez. Speaking to a Democrat Club this week, Sanchez declared that white supremacist groups are influencing lawmakers to adopt laws like that in Arizona which she claims will lead to discrimination through racial profiling. You have to wonder if Sanchez, like so many of her California constituents hollering for a boycott of Arizona are aware that California has a similar law on its books (California Penal Code 834b). So where did Ms. Sanchez gain her information to make such an outrageous accusation?  A leftist blog which has labeled FAIR –mentioned above- as a “hate group.”




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